About Us

Civicon Engineering Services (Pvt) Ltd , (CES), is a LLC Incorporated on May 1997. CES is an Engineering & Contracting Business Entity and has been actively involved in Construction and Related Product’s Supply as well as a Solution Provider for the Building Envelope.

Primarily working with the Architects & Consultants, providing information & solutions at the design stage of buildings and getting our products / Systems specified to the projects.

The Building Envelop

The concept of a building envelope relates to the design and construction of the exterior of a building. The building envelope consists of the roof, subfloor, exterior doors, windows, and of course the exterior walls. A good building envelope involves using the exterior wrap of the building to be

  • Climate-appropriate
  • Structurally sound and
  • Aesthetically pleasing.

These three elements are the key factors in constructing your building envelope.

Tight and loose building envelopes

A building envelope is normally referred to as either ‘tight’ or ‘loose’. A loose envelope allows air to flow more freely through the building, whereas a tight envelope restricts air or controls how it is admitted. Innovations in the design and materials of exterior walls increasingly allow us to take advantage of the environment and use the outside of the building to regulate the climate indoors.